Thursday, July 11, 2019

We’re going to a party!

Wildlife of the day – a snake simply popped up mid-channel whilst we were moored in Middlewich. It just basked in the sun until a camera was aimed – then all 2 foot of it swam to the offside and slithered into aBandPreBreak ledge in the canalside.

An un-eventful cruise to middlewich where we stopped near the car to offload a BBQ and for graham to get some ‘slippers’ for himself and a new log-book for Jannock. We knew we’d need one soon and then forgot to bring one from home – doh!

Then up three locks and turn into SoggyAudienceWardle canal – almost at our destination. There were boats in all directions, not a lot of manouvring room and then it chucked it down for a good 10 minutes while we ascended the last lock of the day.

We moored at the end of J & G’s garden – bows on to Tam Lin – as we were to attend an evening of folk music supplied live by Pilgrims Way. Graham had brewed the beer for the night. Gillian organised fish and chips for everyone who had arrived by 6:30. Lovely!BandPostBreak

The band were very good indeed. The inclusion of YMCA and Stand and Deliver was genius. The evening was everything that this year’s Glastonbury was not – in so far as the heavens opened 10 minutes before the band started their performance and continued raining until they stopped. It did not dampen our enjoyment.

At the end of the evening, not a drop of graham’s beer remained in the keg – the band were not amused as they then had to resort to bottled beer.

Thankyou everyone.

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