Monday, July 15, 2019

Hello Albion, Farewell Chester

Time to go, but not before we actually got to “The Albion” for a drink. It was worth it! TheAlbionTime stood still at WW1. Beer prices, obviously not. The beer was good. We needed a sandwich as the dont open until midday and we’d spent a while reprovisioning,  ‘doing’ Roman ruins, watching a group of young school children being taught legionaire tactics, and watching the river. The sandwiches wre fresh, with a salad on the side and very tasty. They had good old RomanChildrenfashioned grub on the meals menu as well. Just check the opening times if you want to visit an excellent establishment.

On our return to Jannock we prepared for the off – only to have the restaurant boat go past InsideAlbionand head for the locks so we had a cup of tea instead. A while later we set off just as another boat, Windrush, was heading up from the staircase lock end of town so we’d have someone to share with. We met the restaurant boat in the second lock – it appears that they pass through the first lock, then go up in the second and tie up in the lock to allow their passengers to get out to explore, have a smoke etc. before emptying the lock to come down again and heading back into town.

GuestLagerSteady progress found us completing the locks and heading through Waveney to moor up just past Faulkner’s bridge, hopefully for a quiet night, immediately before the tedium of passing the ‘longest linear moorings in the world’.

It would appear that this is where nb Windrush moors. It was their first cruise, in 18 months of boat ownership, with a duration of longer that 48 hours. Their report of their cruise to Ellesmere, and the weed they encountered en-route, made us glad we decided to turn round in Chester.


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