Saturday, July 20, 2019

And so to Dimmingsdale bridge

We left Wheaton Aston and got a couple of breezy hours cruising in before the drizzle started. The bright spot, quite literally, was another sighting of a kingfisher. It was just sitting in a pool of sunshine on the end of a branch. We guess that the babies have fledged and the adults are tired and taking stock now.IMG_4270

We awarded this boat ‘the most neglected boat of our trip so far’ prize.

Just as we reached Autherley junction and our first lock of the day, the heavens opened, and Brenda had bread still in the oven – timing! She couldn’t work out why the loaves were taking so long to brown. As she put some falafel into the oven to warm for lunch she realised – no flame. The gas had run out, IMG_4272“Graham!” New gas cylinder switched on and the bread was baked OK.

We moored at Wightwick which enabled Graham to do a car shuffle whilst Brenda went to visit Wightwick manor again. Once he had returned to Jannock we continued on to Dimmingsdale bridge where we plan to leave the boat for 14 days whilst we return home.

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