Saturday, July 13, 2019

Chester and the lost chimney.

The weather forecasters predicted that the weather today was going to be about normal for the time of year – where? Antartica perhaps? The cold gusty wind madeIMGP5263 manoeuvering at close quarters tricky.

The CaRT volunteers were out in force at Bunbury staircase – mostly getting the fund raising gazebo erected. We  hope they had it well tethered. Racing was on in Chester today – the trains running parallel with the cut were packed with punters.

At 1:30pm, after having completed Tilstone, BeestonCastleBeeston and Wharton locks, the sun finally came out and we could see the Welsh hills on one side and mow Cop on the other. We also started the long slow slog past what we believe to be the longest continuous fieldside moorings in the world! (probably!)

At 2:30pm, just past Waverton, the sea searcher was brought into action as we happened across a ‘boat on a rope’ with the chap obviously looking for something in the water. We pulled over and helped them locate their chimney that had been knocked off by a low branch. They have not long owned the boat and didn’t realise that the chimney was not permanently fixed in place. Chimbley recovered they asked to join us for the journey to Chester to get some boat – lock – learning in. Both boats made it down the locks by 5pm and we winded and then moored between bridges 123B and C to be near City Road.

Tip of the day – unless you have a sense of humour, do not venture into Chester city centre during the evening of the races. As the evening goes on, a strong stomach BreweryTapmight be useful.

We chose to visit the Brewery Tap alehouse – outlet for the Spitting Feathers brewery at Waverton. It’s the second Grade II listed pub we’ve visited recently in a Medieval hall. An excellent selection of ales and a own-brand cider which Brenda really liked.

BreweryTap2We wandered back through a throng of drunks from all societies strata. Some very posh frocks clothed some very un-posh women – ditto suits/fellas. We returned to Jannock to find that dignity had indeed taken a night off. A chap and his lady love approached, both finding walking somewhat of a challenge. She was protesting and so I kept an eye out for her. He was trying his best to help her – no chance mate! Her figure hugging dress had hugged it’s last and split up the back. Her knickers were definately ‘pulling pants’ and available for all to see. I say pants – more dental floss for the most part. I offered my services with needle and thread. She took a while to comprehend. Tugged at the dental floss between her cheeks one more time and replied “Oh, ta love! No, yer all right. Thanks” and tottered off.


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Unknown said...

Thank you Graham and Brenda for your help, support and teaching us on the way down to Chester. You both made our first voyage a barrel of laughs. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both. Steph and Paul x