Sunday, October 07, 2012

How to get the wife to pay!

As Jannock was in need of a new morse lever unit, which was going to cost almost £150, I took Friday as leave from work and we went to the boat via Midland Chandlers at Braunston as they were having one of their ‘Freaky Friday’ 20% off days. They had a Teleflex Ec-301 in stock and it worked out at £111 – Excellent. However we left the chandlers, after Brenda had paid the £411 pound bill, with a new cooker for Jannock’s galley as well – result! The old cooker had been installed when Jannock was built in 1996 and suffered from poor cosmetic condition as well as needing the gas jets looked at soon, a warning given at the last BSS examination.

We then went on to Welton wharf where I fitted the new morse lever whilst Brenda sorted out some of  the storage areas that contained items that hadn’t been touched for ages. Once the maintenance was finished we tidied up and went to the White Horse, up in Welton village, where we spent most of the money we had saved today on a drink and supper. Doh! Good beer, friendly atmosphere and good food. Brenda had Spaghetti Carbonara followed by Eton mess whilst I had the Chicken Tikka and a hot fudge chocolate pudding. It was all excellent and we recommend this establishment to anyone who is happy to walk the three quarters of a mile up into the village from the canal. At least it’s down hill on the way back.

During the night it rained and rained and we discovered why it is NOT a good idea to be moored under overhanging trees. The rain drops falling from the branches are a lot bigger than unadulterated rain and a lot noisier as well keeping us awake for most of the night.


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