Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Working again

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Today I was working from Home aboard Jannock again. This time Jannock is the Staffs and Worcester Fire and Rescue Marine vessel, Inland Waterways division. After the inquiry into the death of a boater within Harecastle tunnel, one of the recomendations was to enable FRS communications inside it. Today, Tony from Staffs FRS set up a fireground radio with a directional aerial at the Southern portal of the tunnel and as the other FRS representative didn’t show, I tested how far we got TunnelRoofDamagethrough before it wouldn’t work due to poor signal.

I was surprised at the evidence of collision damage with the roof where the height changes abruptly. The warning paint has been totally smashed away at some locations. I bet the boats suffered severe damage to the corners of the roof when this happened.

HallGreenLockCottageOnce this little job was complete we turned left onto the Macclesfield canal at Hardings Wood junction and made our way to Hall Green lock. Only a rise of about 30cms but still enough time to buy myself a book from the selection on sale at the lock cottage. Brenda donated a few books to the collection as well. Once through, we stopped to fill with water at the end of the lock landing before continuing on our way.

A lunch of filled Staffordshire Oatcakes (when in ……… do as ………. ) was taken on the move and we finally moored for the day at the bottom of the Bosley lock flight. We ViewFromMooringhave stayed here before, it is a beautiful rural location well away from road or rail.

Tomorrow we are hoping to tackle the lock flight before it gets too warm.

Yesterday, whilst visiting the museum, we promised we would mention the forthcoming Etruria Canal Festival that is on over the first weekend in June. Forgot to last night so here it is now. Visit for more info.


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