Friday, May 25, 2018

A wet trip to Bugsworth

Friday 25th May 2018

This morning, it seems that the Royal Wedding pound guinea has run out in the ‘lovely-weather-meter. And building sites are not neccesarily noisy places. At 8:30, I checked and there was work going on. Huge cranes are very quiet.

ViaductGraham started the day with a walk down into town to get his data SIM checked out by the 3 shop, as you do ;^) That done, he set us off in the rain, drizzle, dry greyness with the promise of brighter always in the distance. As we went through Higher Pointon G’s workmate Alan came out to say ‘Hello’ (we’ll see him again in a couple of days)

At Marple junction, where there is/was a closure in CaRT Logothe lock flight, there was no indication that they were open or still closed, apart from a boat moored in the mouth of the top lock which indicated that the flight may still be closed. However, it was all new signage and new CaRT logog a go-go. Did all the signs here need replacing? Indeed many signs have not yet been updated from the logo before the last, even with stickers. Was a new and expensive logo actually needed, was the old one broken? The last two at least alluded to CaRT’s stewardship of the environment which is more than the new ‘sinking tyre’ does.

TrotterSternAs we approached the peaks the weather worsened but chunks of blue sky appeared in the cloud. Through the wooded approach to New Mills the air was pungent with the smell of wild garlic, prolific in the woods. New Mills is the home of Swizzels-Matlows; as we came to the factoryTrotterFront the smell was overpoweringly sweet and fruity and brought back childhood memories (and tooth decay).

We came upon a boat that we are familiar with and found that the owner has a brilliant take on recycling to faciliate a back deck cover. A Reliant Robin has been cut up and adorns nb Del Boy aka Trotters Independant Traders.


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