Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Through Stoke and onto Harecastle

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

We decided to moor at a spot at Hem Heath, where we know it to be very quiet, last night. There was an ‘advice notice’ on a house back gate that, for once, we FenceNoticerespected. Usually it’s a case of “I don’t want any smelly/noisy/holiday/any/view spoiling botas outside my house so go away” and many seem to be supported by CaRT. This was different, warning boaters of the risk of bombardment by a kiddie with a disability. We moved on a short way and found another suitable place that was equally quiet except for singing birds as the sun came up.

G’s first task was to turn the back cabin into a motorcycle repair shop and get Jannock’s transport department working again. It’s good to have skills and a boat load of tools but the spare part he really wants is in the garage at home.

We set off and made our way to the bottom of the Stoke flight. Our ascent was good StokeTopLockwith G using the lock wheeling bike to good advantage. As Jannock came up the 2nd to last lock, the top lock (on which he had already opened a paddle to drain the half lock full of water) had the top paddles opened by a single hander who admitted he was new to all this lark and hadn’t responded to the sounding of Jannock’s klaxon when I spotted what he was doing. G rushed up on the bike and rescued the situation.

Once out of the flight, we moored outside the Toby Carvery and went in for lunch. After that we worked off the calories by walking into Newcastle to visit the Brampton Museum and Gallery. En route we had an attack of house envy as we walked along leafy suburban streets past lovely detached properties. The museum was good and free and we finished with a cup of tea in the park outside.

We then returned along the main road and visited a fabric shop where I spent a lot of HolyInadequatetime caressing lovely fabrics and wishing that I had reason to buy some. Back onto the road back to Jannock and once across the by-pass, we stopped at the Holy Inadequate – an excellent pub with a wide selection of good beers and ciders that boasts it’s own brewery out the back.

I dragged eventually Graham out after I had finished my excellent Woodhalls Whubarb cider and we returned to Jannock, untied and moved up past Westport lake to the Southern portal of Harecastle tunnel. We are expecting visitors just after 8am tomorrow morning.


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