Thursday, September 06, 2012

Jannock’s summer trip – day #5

Graffiti of the day - Willbeck’s Dad, Stan is a bomb disposal expeGraffitirt!       No – we didn’t understand what it meant either.

We untied at 08:45 and followed Earnest north past Debdale wharf. Saddington tunnel is excellent, 1/2 mile long and dead straight all the way through so that you can see the other end when you enter. It’s also quite dry which helps and I’m pleased to say that we didn’t lose any paintwork in it either.

At Kibworth top lock I got the trusty lock wheeling bike off of the roof and set ahead all the way to Crane’s lock. We had a ‘good road’ and I only had to turn one lock with all the others being set in our favour.

Wystow Church Between bridges 78 and 79 there is a solitary church to the south west of the canal which is marked on the map as the “site of old Wystone medieval village”. It has to be assumed that this was the church for the local estate although there are no other buildings around it.

At Newton top lock it was ‘on yer bike’ again for the last seven locks before Kilby bridge, our chosen overnight stopping place before Leicester.

Storecupboard challenge KilbyBridge Svsday#4 – six year out of date batter mixture which made perfectly good onion yorkshire puds and  so was voted 8/10

We used the shower facilities at Kilby bridge sani-station even  though the panelled wooden door had large gaps between the planks. If you do not want any-one seeing you shower then take a big towel and a couple of pegs to hang it onto the inside of the door to protect your modesty.

After dinner Neil and Linda came onto Jannock to discuss trip plans and drink my home-brewed beer.


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Jannock said...

We've worked out what the graffiti meant - but we're not telling. Let Google be your friend.