Sunday, September 02, 2012

Jannock’s summer trip – Day #2

Sunday 2nd September

Top tip for dog owners – If you have two dogs and want them to stay together but you are too busy lockside to keep them under control on leads, just join them together with about a yard of lead or even string. That way, when they get excited, running in opposite directions doesn’t work, and if they make a break for it – passing either side of hoomins stops them in their tracks. Their string/lead interface makes contact with the human at about knee or calf. Hopefully the hooman has two feet firmly planted on terra-firma – I did or else I could have been in the lock with the boat.

Breakfast today was inspired by a picture on Mike Aspin’s facebook page. Graham cooked an excellent eggy bread and bacon.

Watford Watford flight was a pleasure to behold, beautifully kept, flowers in planters and all the flags and bunting out to celebrate the Paralympics. In our waiting time we filled with water, washed one boat side and the roof, washed up WetBrenda the dishes and had a coffee break. Brenda exhibited her prowess at working BW taps by getting right royally soaked. Having completed the flight and seen the poster showing the certificates  available from the staff, Brenda made the mistake of enquiring of the lock-keeper what sort of misdemeanour, sinking the boat or drowning possibly, warranted the award of a failure certificate, and was promptly issued her own ‘Pigs Ear’ certificate.  He must have spotted her clipping the stonework as she entered lock 2 PigsEar(the dodgy bend mid-flight in her terminology) The lockies at Watford are a credit to CaRT.

Jannock entered new territory today, the Welford Arm. Short and sweet with good moorings plus full services at the end. We saw our first Kingfisher of the year, skimming along the arm and flitting into the bushes. It’s colours were as bright and iridescent as in springtime.

We moored up at 18:15 and walked a few yards to the Wharf for supper. The menu was at the upper end of ‘Pub Grub’, well cooked and plenty of it with the best bit being their excellent selection of real ales and cider that ensured we were both happy.

Store cupboard day #2 – To enhance our lunchtime sandwiches we had 10 year old homemade chutney having rejected the dehydrated mango chutney that resembled Baltic Amber and was equally inedible.


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