Saturday, April 22, 2017

Welcome to Gongoozler World


Another nice sunny day but oh, that wind is chill. We set off at 11:30 after a lateSwans in oilseed rape field start and passed up through Cosgrove lock before eating lunch on the long slog through Yardley Gobion to Stoke Bruerne bottom lock where we entered and waited  for a partner to join us. The first two boats winded below the lock and returned towards Cosgrove but finally nb Serenity joined us and we made a quick and easy ascent of the flight into Gongoozler land.

The number of people watching times the number of boats manoevering should have equalled dismal mooring skills as we went into the water point outside The Boat Inn. Luckily we got it just right and so in celebration Graham took two glasses into the pub. It took about the same amount of time to fill with water as it did to get a couple of beers. Off we went into a very wet tunnel that rinsed off the paintwork where we had done Duck Poo removal at the waterpoint.

William in top lockOnward, still in the sunshine, until we moored outside Bugbroke marina where Graham felt the need to wash the otherside of Jannock whilst I prepared Kippers for tea.

So, what’s the story? Whilst we were kippering, three yoofs sauntered by on the tow path. Hoodie was a distance in front of Baggypants and Allinblack and trying hard to look as if he wasn’t with them. General demeanor suggested there were hot dates waiting in a cold pub, lager prices what they are lead to pre-loading of course. A hundred yards or so beyond of us they all got very interested in the hedgeline. Lots of firkling about and brow knitting went on and then they re-grouped as one and legged it back pronto.

Answers on a postcard …….


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