Saturday, October 01, 2016

Disaster averted

Saturday 1st October 2016

G got up at ‘sparrows’ and did a double car shuffle from Lower Heyford to Soulbury. Disaster was averted as he brought some tea bags back with him when he returned to Jannock – we were running out and not sure if ten would last us for the whole weekend. Luckily this was all accomplished before it started raining which it did for most of our trip through Milton Keynes.

As we rounded the first corner after loosing off we found a floating tea shop. Such is modern life that not only was the craft registered as a floating trader but also proudly displayed a top notch food hygene certificate in the window. 10am is too early to go for tea and cake.

A little further on at the Lionhearts Cruising Club, they were preparing for their MacMillan coffee morning event and we were invited to stop and join them. It was still too early at 10:30 as they were not going to start until 11am so we declined.

We saw on Facebook that son Matt made a cake for his work MacMillan coffee morning event yesterday. He won the Best Baker award (we took the proud parents award, even though it is not a real thing)

We stopped at Willowbridge marina during a brief break in the rain for our annual ‘last fill up with diesel before home’ and their base rate was 70ppl.

As we approached the bottom lock of the Soulbury three we were pleased to see a boat casting off to enter the lock. We were not so pleased to find 6 or 7 assorted kids watching, getting in the way and playing lockside outside the pub whilst their parents ignored them. One took to running up and down the side of the lock jumping on and off the bollards. One slip of the foot and smashed teeth would be a better outcome than falling in alongside two boats. When asked to move out of the arc of the balance beam, one wise guy (7-9 ish) commented it was all right as he could swim. So that’s OK then – ‘No Parent’ families!

Finally stopped for the night just after the Globe Inn having travelled the last hour in drizzle. No sooner had G tied Jannock securely to the piling than the heavens opened for a very heavy rain storm.

Sorry, no pictures today as the weather was not conducive to using a camera.


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