Sunday, October 02, 2016

And on to Slapton Wharf

Sunday 2nd October

It was still raining when we awoke but managed to stop before we set off. Straight into Linslade lock and then past Wyvern Shipping to moor outside Tescos for more essential re-provisioning.

We had planned to use Aldi but just inside the door we found that they were out of stock of the breakfast cereal we wanted so we reversed the trolley back into the trolley park and went to Tesco instead.

We then travelled through Linslade out to Grove lock where we had to wait for a boat to descend before going up ourselves. Above the lock, a hire boat pulled out in front of us so we shared Church lock with them. It was only their second lock since they left the Wyvern base so they were grateful for some advice on how to work it efficiently.

We then travelled on to Slapton lock where we shared with them again and re-enforced the learning. The lady was keen to learn and soon picked up what was required. They planning to stop to visit the Carpenters Arms for lunch so we both moored up on the piling just beyond the winding hole. They managed to use their piling hook for the back of the boat but were confused as to why they couldn’t get it to work at the front. The piling had finished and the concrete edging had nowhere to fit the hook. Once I had pointed this out they soon found a mooring stake to use instead.

I then went to Soulbury on the Di Blasi to fetch the car whilst Brenda tidied up ready to leave Jannock for a week when the Autumn Soddit cruise will occur. Hopefully there will be no nasty accidents this time.


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