Friday, September 30, 2016

Heading home–day #1

Saturday 24th September

A reasonable run to start our trip home. We were blown about a bit as we entered Calcutt locks. We only had a brief time to say Hello to Barbara and malcolm who hailed us from their mooring in the marina there. Luckily the wind moderated by the time we turned at Wigrams and continued on the Braunston where we stopped at the sani station for chores. Then onto the Braunston locks where we shared the flight with a brand new boat being delivered from Clifton Wharf to Crick Marina. The solo lad admitted that his boating knowledge was limited but he was agile and willing to take instruction so the ascent was easy. As we observed our ‘cake lock’ tradition at the top of the flight it was lovely to hear him praise his mum’s baking skills and tell us that his wife had learned from her and was also really good.

We enquired whether he’d done a tunnel before – only Crick so never a long one. He was a bit put off by the fact he couldn’t see the other end as he entered. Braunston tunnel, and missing the on-coming traffic, was a bit of an achievement for him. He was not phased by the bright headlights and having to push off from the magnetic sides.

As we moored for the night on the summit pound the sun came out and lit all the autumn ploughing furrows and the hawthorne berries. The grass lush again after rain and the trees bright green before the colour fades.

Sorry, no pictures as G left the camera at home.


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