Friday, September 30, 2016

3 months to Christmas day–get the sprouts on!

Sunday 25th September

We set off at 9am with the prospect of the Buckby flight ahaed. As we approached ‘Bee bra’ (top) lock another boats was waiting on the lock landing while the lock was prepared. For the second time in tow days we were able to share the flight with a crew who helped to make the task a light and pleasant one. The steerer was perplexed as yesterday he had offered to share Braunston flight with another boat. The offer had been refused quoting they we waiting for another boat. The thing was, it turned out there was no other boat. Our companion could not work out why they had turned down the offer to share.Sadly a reason occured to Graham, could it be that they we on a hire boat, newly out of the yard. He asked if the refusers were hirers or private, it turned out it was the latter. Oh well, it was their loss as the hire boat crew were experienced boaters and a pleasure to share Buckby with. We hope they enjoy their fortnight down through Milton Keynes and on to Aylesbury.

We have never seen Weedon so busy before. All of the usual boats were there, plus a long line moored up just short of the winding point at the old wharf. As we approached an onmcomer decided to wind at the wharf with no signals or indications to us to warn us to stop. Piccadilly circus or what?

Still no pics ;^)


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