Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Ashby is very shallow.

Sunday 7th August

Wildlife of the day – Watervoles

We awoke to another lovely day. Just like yesterday but with an increasing breeze, nice and cooling, but the short sharp bursts were enough to put Jannock’s bows where you didn’t want them, especially as the Ashby canal is so shallow in the lower half.BoatClub

At Hinkley wharf we passed nb Waiouru, where Tom was busy erecting their rotary washing line on the back deck. We passed the time of day as we continued on but didn’t get chance to stop. As we passed Hinkley Marina, the local model boat club were out in force entertaining the patrons of the Watergate next door.

On past Stoke Golding and Dadlington to bridge 32 where we tied Jannock onto the bank and then went home for another week at work.

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