Monday, August 29, 2016

A short trip on Bank Holiday Monday

Monday 29th August

Today we passed another boater who knew what Jannock meant! His dad used to use the word – can you guess the accent?

IMG_2654A sunny morning with a hint of autumn in the air, we did a quick run through Polesworth to Alvecote where we managed to drop into a mooring that had only been vacated 15 minutes earlier. We found this out when the boat that had vacated the mooring passed us on his way to Shackerstone having winded just beyond the marina. The working boat rally on at Alvecote meant that bankside mooring spaces were in very short supply.IMG_2662

Monday is washing day so I changed all the bedding whilst Graham went and fetched the car from Hartshill yard. Once he was back we wandered over to the marina for a chat with Mike and Krystina on Draco and a look at all of the boats.


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