Friday, July 29, 2016

A short cruise to move to another mooring

Friday 29th July

An easy day today in order to find another 14 day mooring. We have a family commitment this weekend and so I took Friday off work to ensure that we do not contravene our cruising license. Sorry no pictures as I left the camera at home.

We cast off from above Hillmorton locks and then passed down through them using a right, right, left sequence. The voluntary lockie was only assisting at the bottom lock to meet the new hirers and also get his lockside gardening done. Out of the bottom lock and on towards Rugby.

As we passed Clifton Cruisers, the boats at the wharf were three abreast and so only left about 8-9 foot to get through – not too bright when the wharf is located on a bend. About halfway through we found another boat approaching us from the other direction. Luckily they were quite short and so could pull into a small gap between moored boats while we passed.

On through Brownsover and Newbold, where the ‘Tunnel of Light’ now appears to have been fully extinguished. As we approached Yate’s yard we found Brian and Diana aboard nb Harnser just pulling out, having filled up with diesel. After a quick chat with them we then pulled into the space they had created and filled Jnnock’s tank with 110 litres. Brenda spent the re-fuelling time having a Brexit chat with the guy working the diesel pump.

We then moved onto to All Oaks Wood where we managed to get half of Jannock tied onto the piling for her next session moored up. On the way back to Hillmorton, to fetch the car, the trusty Di Blasi clocked up 4k miles. Considering I bought it new at the 2006 IWA National at Beale Park that works out at 400 miles per year on a tiny 49cc folding moped.


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