Sunday, May 24, 2015

What a grey day!

Sunday 24th May

Graham set off at sparrow’s a clock to do a car shuffle. I turned over and went back to sleep just to get the full value out of the new, and very comfy, mattress of course. It being a Bank Holiday weekend I have to get ready for shop-fest. All the TV and press ads tell us that we’ll not get through the weekend without gallons of cheap booze, a BBQ (in the drizzle today) and spending the kids inheritance at a super-warehouse or shopping village ( a pub, but no church or school, do they qualify as villages?) Canal life is different.

As we were considering a bowl of wheat-o-popsies, the diesel boat hove into view. Graham downed spoon and had the convenient ‘we bring your fuel to you’ man fill us up. G also had a need for a holiday special from Halfords. Internet, order and we’ll pick it up as we pass the Rugby store today. A changing world where your diesel, coal and wood gets delivered and you can ensure you have the tools for a successful journey to Switzerland will be waiting for you. No active shopping involved – result!

We set off from Braunston at 10 and were at Hillmorton locks by 12. Another quick and easy transit as they were very busy with boats passing through both ways and no queuing for us. We did have one lady turn our lock against us but Graham went and helped the other boat in the next door lock so we were soon on our way through that one instead. It amused him that she was having so much difficulty to open the top gate – that’ll teach her to turn a lock on him, no assistance offered inconsiderate people.

We stopped at Rugby and found that our hoped for, short walk past B&Q to Halfords was out of the question. Most of the retail park was a building site with all access fenced off. Never mind, down to Tescos and across the crossing. It’s not as if we didn’t need the exercise.

Our evening treat, calorie free, is to listen to a program from the complete series of “Cabin Pressure”, an excellent BBC Radio comedy series. Highly recommended, but a little strange to be told the emergency exits are here, here and here <titter if you recognise the allusion>. If you enjoy air travel, hate CheapyJet or just want a good laugh, then look it up – Brilliant!

An acute shortage of pictures today - Graham has discovered that his camera will let him take pictures all day and not save any when he’s left the memory card in the laptop!


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