Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evening out in Braunston

Saturday 23rd May

Late spring bank holiday and late spring weather. The sun finally peeped Strimmingsthrough the clouds layer at 6.30pm and only hinted at what might have been. It wasn’t warm or bright, but was at least  dry – even in Braunston tunnel which was so polluted it made our eyes smart. We had been strimmed whilst moored up near High House Wharf. First time this year.

We were followed into the bottom lock by nb Meandrine and made thelockshare easiest ascent of the Buckby flight ever with them. We changed partners for the Braunston locks, as there was a single boat waiting there. Oncoming boats were an asset for all locks today, although the newly started holiday hirers leaving Braunston threatened to crowd the canal.

A boat was moored in the pound above bottom lock. With two of us needing to pull over, two boats coming out of the lock ahead and another following us down, it was inevitable that she would get bumped. Twice as it happened (but only once by me, honest) She weren’t ‘arf cross, but if you will moor where it’s really a daft idea  . . . . . . .  I suspect worse was on it’s way.

labourexchangeFor most of the afternoon runners passed us, doing the Grand Union run, 154 miles, Birmingham to London. Most didn’t look as though they were enjoying their sport. Many were walking and the shop at Braunston bottom lock was doing a roaring trade in Ice creams. Does Ranulf Ffienes run on choc ices? Loved this sign on the wall of the cottage next to the shop.bracketfungus

We moored just past the junction and has slow roast pork for tea, followed by rhubarb from Grandad’s garden. Yum!

Up to the Admirable Nelson for a meet up with John and Liz for a beer or two followed by a long walk back in the dark just before midnight. We noticed this wonderful bracket fungus on the way to the pub.

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