Thursday, May 07, 2015

May the Fourth be with you!

Monday 4th May

Having moored amongst the members of the Lionhearts Cruising Club and having been told yesterday that they were sharing four to a lock we wondered, as we breakfasted on fried eggs and hash browns, whether we could share the locks with them.  Crews began to assemble on the towpath but seemed in no hurry. Then along came another boat and so we cast off and shared with him instead. We had a happy share with gone cruising him through all five of today’s locks. Even the sun graced us with its presence for a good part of the day.spitting yoofs run away

National Nice Day seemed to morph into Nice Weekend as we chatted with fisherfolk, walkers and boaters. Milton Keynes was doing it’s bit. There were two charity runs going on.

As we passed the Lionhearts base there were a lot of empty moorings – we know why! Everything was lovely until Wolverton. A group of feral  children were on the footbridge, some waved ever so slightly, some spoke and nodded but we could not hear what they said for the noise of the engine. When we replied that we could not hear them they decide the best fun they could have would be to spit on us from above. Not one of them was proud enough of their entertainment choice to stay and have their photo taken. Gits! I expect they aspired to to join the yoofs, the slightly older group – say 14+ – in the park trying so hard to be hidden that their behaviour stood out. Did they not know that drugs smell quite distinctly and that can’t be hidden? At least they caused us less bother than the spitters.

Once moored up and the car fetched from Soulbury, we had to call into Ikea on the way home. Our second bargain meal of the weekend. We chose slow roasted lamb shanks at under £3 each if you show your Ikea family card. Add our free cup of tea and a shared pud, not unlike a ‘millionaires rice krispies’ and we were well pleased. Delicious tender lamb!


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