Monday, August 13, 2012

Static at Maffers

Saturday 11th August

No boating today as we have a ‘training day’ planned for tomorrow. We arrived at Jannock mid-afternoon. Having IMGP3513 unloaded  our stuff onto the boat I went and moved the car to our planned destination for tomorrow and then returned on the Di Blasi. I then carried out a bit of maintenance (battery levels and water pressure switch) before tea. Once we had eaten we took the opportunity for a walk around the reservoirs. We’ve not seen Chippythem so full for a very long time but there’s still room for a little more water so perhaps we have more rain yet to come.  As we came back towards the village I spotted that the fish & chip van was parked up near the Anglers so I told Brenda I’d treat her to a meal out. The last time we stopped here the van was on-fire as we went past on the way home with attendant fire brigade (see ) HertsSignso we decided we’d better try it this time before that happens again. Whilst we waited to be served  Brenda spotted the County sign that someone had modified – obviously a very frustrated individual – plus the fact that the van did both Spam AND Corned Beef fritters. I was very restrained and just shared a single portion of chips with Brenda. The vinegar was ‘spritzed’ with a spray bottle instead of being poured.  They were excellent quality as only chips out of paper can be.


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