Sunday, August 19, 2012

A full English

Sunday 19th August

Despite the tropical temperatures we indulged in bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast and marmalade for breakfast this morning MooringSB and so only set of at 10am. Up through Cosgrove lock to the sani-station for water as it was the first time we have ever found it un-occupied. It wasn’t long before we had another boat tied alongside us with a second waiting on the moorings next door. The tap at Cosgrove is not the fastest I’ve ever used but even our heat-addled brains could detect the failings in Mr ‘3rd – in – lines’ proposition that if we fitted his splitter onto the tap then two boats could take water at the same time and it would be faster for everyone. Nice try sir! I had spotted that his splitter was capable of turning a 3/4” thread into another 3/4” thread and a hose-lok connector. Guess whose hose was fitted with the hose-lok connector on the end then?Obey

Brenda asked me a question last night as we sat under a starry sky trying to cool down, “what stars are above us during the day?” The rest of the universe is obviously out there even if we can’t see it but what are the constellations and planets that we don’t see during the day? The ‘Sky at Night’ is all very well Mr Moore, but what’s the rest of the story?

Having filled with water we left the other two to sort themselves out and set off north until we decided we’d had enough of the heat and moored up on a 14 day mooring. I went and retrieved the car from Stoke Hammond, we loaded it up and set off home in the comfort of air conditioning set to flat-out. I loved the ‘Obey’ sticker we spotted that someone has fitted to the 48hour mooring sign at the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne flight.


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