Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chillax at Newlands

This morning we woke up in a foreign country – Summer!. Mid 20s before breakfast. We hope the warmth lasts through the StokeHammondLock autumn as there are many families of teeny fluffy ducklings and moorhens not long out of their eggs. It’s mid_August …….

By 12 o’clock we decided that sunstroke was a possibility and so moored in the shade at Newlands Park – conveniently close enough to hear the screams of small children being frightened stupid in a safe environment (tee hee). Lunch was taken and then Brenda dozed in the shade whilst I investigated an oil leak from the gearbox. Paul of Waterways Routes fame cruised by whilst waving and pointing out the paucity of Jannock blogging this year. Apologies dear readers but a small local event, the Olympics, has impinged on our non-sporting lives. That and Jannock being used as an accommodation block. Now the Olympics are over, I can have some leave and so we are back onto the water getting the boat into the start position for our summer holiday in two weeks time – and blogging again.

Supper was fish and chips as an attempt to use up some of the store cupboard items that HeronTreehave sell by dates in the last century. Yes- really, so Brenda opened a tin of carrots, heated them up to accompany said F&C, and served them. I found it best to place a small pickled onion atop each slice of carrot to make them edible. Brenda simply got the local fish to eat hers . She has vowed never to replenish the stores with tinned carrots ever again.

Wildlife of the day – Herons, standing on boat roofs and on low branches, bold as brass, lots of them.



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