Sunday, April 10, 2011

A ten year old bodge

On Friday we refilled the water tank, making good some water system faults that had occured during the winter months, and made Jannock habitable again ready for the start of the 2011 trip.

The remote pressure switch didn't switch the pump off at the correct pressure and a seal beneath the tap on the top of the hot water tank popped and started weeping water down onto the bathroom floor. The switch was easy to dismantle and repair and was sorted in about 10 minutes.

During the fault rectification stage I discovered a 'bodge' that must be over 10 years old as it must have been in place when we purchased the boat from Black Prince. The junction between a stop tap and an overflow hose near the hot water tank had been fitted with a new penny wrapped in PTFE tape to stop water leaving the tap into the overflow hose and then the cabin bilge. This was nothing to do with the pressure regulator mounted nearby and I am unable to work out why this particular modification needed to be done.

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