Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and back to the Thames

Aaaaaargh! Shiver me timbers, and other nautical pish pash. What happened to the weather? Back to British summer-winter time today.

A cooked breakfast was in order as the wind was so cold when we surfaced, so :-

Recipe of the day – Eggy bread made with left over hot-cross bun bread, delicious.

We left Send church bridge, which was a wonderfully quiet mooring away from the A3,  and made our way back through Send and Pyrford back towards Weybridge. Note to self :- the towpath bank between Dodds footbridge and Pyrford marina looks like a good ‘first day’ mooring unlike the shallow section we chose above Cox’s Mill last Friday.

Quote of the day – “ If I see another pun on the word ‘Wey’ I’m gonna throw up “  Thanks Brenda ;^)

As we approached Cox’s Mill there was a small girl cycling along the towpath, with her Grandma following, who hit a pothole and took a dive into the river. We stopped and Graham helped recover lass and bike, supplied a towel to dry her off a bit and gave a very upset Grandma advice about getting her home to a hot bath and to watch out for tummy upsets.  So if your small child is cycling near water then a lifejacket is as much use as a cycle helmet! Neither is just daft.

Hold up of the day – Thames lock was out of action for an hour whilst they tried to repair a paddle that had dropped off the bottom gate. Having reported the cycling incident to lalehamthe lockie, it seemed that a crew was en-route to fill the potholes in the towpath before we had even left Thames lock.

We finally said goodbye to the River Wey and arrived at Shepperton  lock to find Steve Haywood (renowned author of this parish) just leaving the lock on board nb Justice, on his way to the Cavalcade event at Little Venice. We passed through and treated ourselves to an ice cream from the kiosk whilst doing so as the sun had come out now.

We moored for the night in a too short spot at Laleham, near the Abbey, by tying  the stern to a convenient tree. After a dinner of ‘slow cooked duck’ we went for an evening constitutional around Abbey Park and Laleham



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