Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Staines to Windsor

Today we have mostly been looking at houses that we cannot afford, even though some of them are for sale.

Quote of the day “ I do not shout at my customers, I shout TO them !” – Old Windsor Lock keeper.

A leisurely start found me witnessing a southbound hire cruiser having a head on collision with an un-attended moored boat on the offside, opposite Jannock’s overnight mooring. As the hirecraft just left the scene I recorded all of the details and then asked the keeper at  Penton Hook what I should do. He took the information and phone Kris Cruisers as he recognised the name and could confirm it had passed through the lock just before the incident happened.

We continued on and then moored in Staines so that I could do a car shuffle from Hanwell whilst Brenda re-provisioned after our busy weekend.


At Bell Weir lock a very large and expensive gin palace pulled in along side us. The skipper pointed down at Jannock and said jokingly to his crew “ we’re OK because there is a really large fender here”.  Brenda replied from the front well deck with “ are you calling me fat?” which really made him think that he had un-intentionally offended her ;^)

The pound above Old Windsor lock contained a floating hazard :- a small hire dayboat with 3 males aboard that was completely un-predictable. They went fast and then they went slow and then they went around and around a lot. All with no regard for any other craft in the area. We were glad when they pulled into the afore-mentioned Kris Cruisers to return the craft.

Windsor We passed through Windsor and then Boveney lock and moored up for the night immediately above it in ‘plane spotters heaven’ below the approach path to Heathrow – now where’s my notepad and pencil?


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