Monday, September 13, 2010

Winding in Piccadilly circus

We left Hillmorton at 10:30 and set off for Braunston - our mission was to do a self-pumpout and then wind to continue on towards the Blue Lias for next weekends Cutweb rally. We entered Braunston from the north, passing Mike and Krystina moored near the junction and went on to the sani-station. Another boat had just pulled into the sani-stn moorings so we obtained permission to hang offside of a moored boat and await their departure. I was disappointed to see they were only taking on water, there were two empty water points down near the stop house which they could have used for that - never mind, we patiently waited, and had our lunch, whilst they took 45 minutes to fill with water. They finally finished and moved off allowing us to complete a water fill and a self pumpout in 15 minutes max. They must have got an awfully large tank to take that long (although Brenda is convinced they didn't have the tap turned on for the first 20 minutes due to the lack of leakage at their hose connector). On leaving the sani-stn we moved down to the marina entrance and started a protracted winding manoeuvre - delayed several times by passing boats. I finally got Jannock heading North again and we set off for the junction and the route to Napton. The sunken boat and accompanying rescue craft on the Oxford is certainly a navigation hazard, there were 3 boats either way waiting to pass it as we approached. Then onto Lower Shuckburgh where we followed a Viking Afloat boat through the two sharp bends under the A425 narrowly missing on-coming craft by choosing to hit the bank instead. At Wigrams we turned under the bridge onto the Grand Union and proceeded down the Calcut three changing partners after the first. Then onto a 14 day mooring so that I could collect the car from Hillmorton before we headed home.  Not a sunny as forecast but not uncomfortable - although Brenda was wearing a jumper and coat to try and keep the cold wind out.


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