Sunday, September 05, 2010

Not as warm as forecast!

Questions of the day :-

1. Has anyone lost a Fiat/Lancia 15" spacesaver spare wheel? - if so contact Jannock

2. Should a large dead dog be treated as an island for navigational purposes?

On a more cheerful note.

We meandered down the Coventry, passing and photographing the new bankside 'Rigdenhouse'  at Bedworth, until an elegant two boat manoeuvre took us around Hawksbury turn into the North Oxford. The steerer of the other boat, coming through the lock,  told Brenda that he was heading to Coventry (and she has witnesses) so that information was relayed to me at Jannock's tiller. Having set Jannock up accordingly, imagine my surprise when he appeared put of the turn heading North towards Nuneaton! Never mind, with a massed crowd of on-lookers sat outside the Greyhound, we both completed simultaneous turns without hitting each other or the bank. It's not often that happens - usually complex manoeuvres are only completed successfully in the absence of an audience. 

We reinforced earlier traits by pulling over on the offside, just past Hopsford Aqueduct, to be alongside a free blackberry dispenser. Soon after that the canal got awfully busy. Blackberry rage? No chance! The first boat past enquired if we were aground and needing help. The second boat past and also asked if we had a problem. They then briefed the hire boat who passed next and they had a helpful list of other picking locations to try as they passed. In less than 15 minutes we'd completely filled Brenda's tupperware container. Blackberry envy more like!

We arrived at Brinklow just as the Angels, Simon and Jeanette aboard nb Clara, also moored up and so an official mini-GiG occurred aboard Jannock until midnight.

Incidentally - as we entered Hawksbury lock we passed a boat (Ian from Warwick IWA?)which had leapfrogged with the Manchester crew last weekend. He enquired whether they had left the boat clean and tidy for us. Oh ye of little faith.


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