Monday, September 06, 2010

Anybody lost a pair of glasses?

Sunday 5th September

Question of the day :- Who has left a pair of glasses on Jannock. Brenda believes they are ladies glasses but I'm not certain. Any claimants?

The weather forecast for the weekend was fine, some patchy cloud and top temperature 22 degrees. Yesterday disappointed. Today started grey and declined to a half hearted cold drizzle just as we approached Rugby - henceforth to be known as Mayhem Corner.  There were two instances of boats winding with no regard for or warning to anyone close behind them, a couple of boats continuing to enter bridge-oles they could not possibly exit due to oncoming boats refusing to slow down or give way, a newbie hirer whose response to other boats nearing him was to pull over and put off crew with ropes to hold their boat until the others had passed. Hillmorton locks had more boats in the vicinity than we've seen all summer it seemed - and the turns can be tight at the best of times. Good humour just clung on by it's finger nails. The 14 day moorings above Hillmorton were choc-a-block so we had to continue past in the rain and find a mooring further on. We had wanted to eat at the Bistro but by the time we'd finally got sorted it was too late for the long walk back as last food orders are at 2 pm. Bah Humbug!  Omelette du jour sounds a bit like Bistro food even when Brenda cooks it on board. (Egg and leftovers anybody?) Then it finally stopped raining. During the trip back to Hartshill I got smothered in mud passing by some very dirty road works near DIRFT so my shoes and the Di Blasi have now changed colour to a rather fetching Grey. Whilst I was fetching the car Brenda befriended some Napton narrowboat hirers who were studying the locks at Hillmorton trying to pluck up the courage to go down them. She explained how everything worked and so we hope they managed today because it had taken them 2 days to get here from Napton and they'll have to turn round soon.



Adam said...

Yes, it was very busy at Hillmorton on Sunday, wasn't it? I was there doing a boat test, and we were probably moored below the locks by the time you came past. We also missed out on lunch at the bistro, as we arrived 30 seconds late. Stragely enough, I spotted Jannock a couple of weeks ago above Aston Lock, when I was doing a test of a boat based at Aston Marina.

Jannock said...

Thanks for that Adam

Incidentally - it turns out that the glasses were found by son Matt at the lime kilns at Consall Forge on the Calden. Anyone leave/lose a pair there?