Thursday, October 29, 2020

Time lapse videos

During our trip around the Thames ring, which was an alternative to our planned route but needed to be done to use the Gold licence we purchased in December, I’ve been making time lapse videos.

The links to the relevant videos are shown at the bottom of each day’s blog but here is a full list incase you would like them all in one place. Hillmorton locks Braunston to Weedon Stoke Bruerne locks Cosgrove to Lindford Slapton to Marsworth Aylesbury Arm part 1 Aylesbury Arm part 2 Marsworth flight Hemel to Huntonbridge Croxley to Harefield Harefield to Southall Southall to Paddington Basin Bullsbridge to Brentford Brentford to kingston Sunbury to Penton Hook Penton Hook to Dorney common Dorney to Cookham Cookham to Hurley Henley Caversham Pangbourne to Benson Benson to Culham Folly to Godstow Godstow to Kings with rope Kings Lock Thrupp Kirtlington to Somerton Mill Somerton to Twyford


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