Thursday, September 05, 2019

Solo boating to Willoughby wharf.

Thursday 5th September 2019

With all work completed, the dry dock was refilled on Thursday morning and Jannock reversed out looking splendid in the daylight.

I reversed down through Braunston bottom lock and then reversed all the way to the second Braunston marina entrance to wind. During this manouvre the stern went hard aground just before the entrance and I had to be towed off by a passing widebeam.


Once winded, I set off through Braunston looking for a mmooring for a couple of days but there were no spaces available to I had to single hand to Willoughby wharf before I could find somewhere suitable to moor up. It was far too windy to consider taking Jannock back through Hillmorton locks on my own so that would have to wait until our next trip.

I returned to Braunston on the Di Blasi and fetched the car to unload all my washing etc. before locking up and heading home for a nice soak in the bath. It was great having hot water in the dry dock due to now having an immersion heater in the new hot water tank but you cant beat a soak in a bath the relieve those aches and pains gained doing blacking yourself.

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