Sunday, September 08, 2019

Back to Brinklow marina

Sunday 8th September

Graham was up and at-em before Brenda had woken up. A cuppa on the side prompted consciousness just as Jannock arrived at 'plum central'.

Scrumping commenced with lovely golden plums as our prize. It's not the most convenient place, plums, blind bridge, shallow sides and a boatyard just the other side of the bridge, so of course, there appeared a posh boat in the crumple zone. He had a bow thruster but all it seemed to do was make his boat swivel, & not neccessarily in a useful direction. With Jannock firmly aground now, he managed to get off and away. Once the harvest was complete, Graham had to fetch the long pole to push Jannock back into the channel and away. Brenda was more concerned that the approaching willow would sweep all her precious plums off the roof, luckily that was avoided.

We arrived back at Brinklow in what was the first real Autumnal morning. The air was chill, the sun high and the sky a wonderful bright cloudless blue.

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