Sunday, September 10, 2017

On to the top of Stockton

Cap’n Jannock was up and set us off early. Yesterdays rain had cleared and no more was forecast until later this afternoon so a quick dash to the top of Stockton locks should ensure a dry trip to fetch the car from Brinklow leaving Jannock in place for a quick desent to the Blue Lias next friday.

Autumn has come quickly, the fields are brown and ploughed, the birds are flocking and our heating pump isn’t playing. It’ll work fine all evening but after sitting dormant overnight, it resuses to start shifting the hot water around the radiators until it’s been hit with something. Then it works OK until the following morning. Blankets at the ready chaps!

We moored near an apple tree and so the weekends haul of fruit was completed. Blackberries next weekend?


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