Saturday, September 09, 2017

And off we go again

It’s time for the Cutweb rally so we set off from Brinklow in lovely warm sunshine – not like the afternoon a couple of weekends ago when Matt, Alice and Felicity visited us at the boat during a ‘work party’ weekend.

Felicity and I took a turn around the pond and watched a pair of kingfishers dart by, their plumage as bright and rich coloured as any jeweles ; turquoise and fire opal flashing past.

All was well until we passed Rugby. There we spotted a Pirate crew setting off. Even Tinkerbelle was dressed as a pirate. No doubt as stag do! Little did they know that their finery (and gossamer wings) was about to get drenched. At least their inflatable flamingo wouldn’t mind.

The rain eased as we entered the top lock at Hillmorton and we were able to gather Elderberries (for Elderberry vinegar) and plums for the freezer. I used the processing of fruit as an excuse to stay in the dry whilst Graham steered Jannock to Braunston. We tied up just north of the road bridge and walked through Braunston to bottom Lock chandlers and also to the dry dock to see Tim to finalise our arrival time a week next Monday.

We ate dinner in the Boat House and then returned to Jannock to prepare a mega betting spreadsheet for the horse racing game we are planning for the rally next weekend.


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