Friday, May 27, 2016

Whitsun - day 1

27th May  2016

We left Bourne End moorings at 11:30 having loaded all our things onto Jannock and made her ship shape. We travelled solo up to Berkamstead where we moored above IMG_2261Ravens Lane lock in order to get Fish and Chips for lunch. We have sung the praises of the Fish and Chip bar at Berko station before as we’ve used them for Friday evening food on previous Soddit cruises. If you are passing through Berko close to a meal time, treat yourself to the best F&C darn sarf? Moor up by ‘the IMG_2262Crystal Palace’ or else in the park opposite the station. Brenda was disappointed that they did not have any Rock available so we both had Cod instead.

An un-eventful trip in pleasant spring weather, and about time we had some even if it is a Bank holiday. At Gas 2 DSCF2214lock an older gents asked Graham about the name Jannock. His interest was because he had only ever met one person who used theKingfisher word, to mean something or someone who was sound or good. This person had lived much of his life in India and had learnt it there. Graham managed to get a blurred picture off a Kingfisher who was perched behing some branches. The new boat camera appears to work OK.

After Bulbourne we turned left onto the Wendover Arm, cruised to Little Tring (the end), turned and moored up for the night. Todays thirteen locks with little preparitory training will make Graham ache, but also prepare him for the 23 we’ve got to do tomorrow.

How cold it has been this spring, after a mild winter, was obvious. The Hawthorn is in full and voluptuous bloom, white blossom everywhere. Very little of it had a hint of pink. The pollinating insects are obviously still too cold to be at their work.


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