Friday, July 15, 2011

Jannock does the Nene – Day 7

Out of the seven boats moored on the 24 hour moorings in IMGP3205 Overton lake last night we were the last to leave. I took the opportunity of having a full length pontoon to polish Jannock’s paintwork. I then pushed her over to the next vacant pontoon and did the other side as well. Once I had finished then we set off and rejoined the river, turning up stream.

At Alwalton lock we brought Jannock in and two cruisers arrived on the lock landing. One was too wide but the other did not want to join us either. Just then another narrowboat (nb Tane Mahita) arrived and was waved past the cruisers to share with us. They were obviously disappointed not to over take the pair of us before Water Newton lock as they had to follow us through that one and did not even come up to the lockside until after we had left.  The next section was a lot longer and they were determined to overtake us so they despatched the fastest cruiser, with a single crew member on board, as soon as the lock gates opened and he overtook us just after Wansford Station. The other cruiser with the rest of both crews on board came steaming past just after Pat Buckles yard. We found the pair of them waiting at Wansford lock whilst yet another narrowboat was working through.

IMGP3222Brenda spotted her first Kingfisher of the year at Wansford today and also her Amarylis, which she bought with us from home, has opened two lovely flowers.

We moored for the night just above Elton lock where we have had to use our gangplank between the back seat and the bank. Brenda is grateful to the ‘Beale Park Woodpecker’ as we have had to pin the plank to the bankside to stop it slipping off.

Right, off to explore the pubs of Elton.



Baz Juniper said...

Oh go on then, Graham. I'll rise to the bait. What is a Beale Park Woodpecker?

Jannock said...

I refer the honourable gentleman to the Jannock website page where the IWF2003 section details his actions. (there is even a song about it ;^)

Baz said...

Thanks for that. I clicked on the link to the song with some trepidation - and the speakers turned down - but was grateful to find only the lyrics...
I have just repainted the plank on nb Lark Rise and now realise that I had fully intended to drill a mooring pin sized hole in it before I did so. Doh!