Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jannock does the Nene – Day 11

Last night we spent a very enjoyable evening with Terry and Olympic duathaleteChristine aboard nb Grace catching up on the three years since we last met. They left the Denford mooring at 9:30 this morning and we set off in the other direction at 10:00.

Near Woodford we passed this Olympic athlete in training for the “Duathalon”. He had just completed the “Trudging with a heavy load” course and was about to start the fishing coarse!

After Upper Ringstead lock Brenda went inside for a bath whilst I remained at the tiller, passing time watching all of the fish in the perfectly clear water in this stretch. I spotted a couple of reasonable size pike within a couple of hundred metres of each heron2other.

A flight of seven powered gliders flew overhead in something that loosely resembled a formation, obviously Air Cadet aircraft being dispersed to RAF stations ready for the impending Summer Camp season.

At Irthingborough lock it started to rain heavily and so once through, we tied up on the Rushton and Diamonds visitor mooring for lunch. The rain passed and so we continued on to Wellingborough where we stopped for water and a quick trip to Tesco.

Back on board, and still solvent, we continued up through Upper Wellingborough lock and then moored for the night against a bank just before Wollaston lock.



P.S. Hello Simon from nb Melaleuca, sorry I was late posting tonight. Had to wash up first ;^(

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Anonymous said...

Watch out for locks 6 and 7 on the Rothersthorpe flight. Big leaks from the bottom gates made getting a level very difficult and caused very low pounds above.

nb Melaleuca made it to the top and is now moored between Gayton and Bugbrooke.