Saturday, May 21, 2011

We move INTO town for a quieter mooring!

Friday 20th May

We arrived at Jannock and loaded our stuff on board. I then proceeded to remove and refit the front and rear most windows on the starboard side as they both leak water when it rains.Having replaced one on the other side last week, I thought they both needed re-sealing. I installed them back into the boat using ‘window tape’, a kind of thick double sided tape that is sold by Bottom Lock chandlery at Braunston. I then sealed the edges using clear silicon sealant to provide an extra layer of protection.

Once my task was completed, we decided that the ambient noise from the M40 was too much so we headed North into Banbury. We stopped at Banbury services for a water fill and then proceeded up through the lock to find a mooring space. The usual collection of down and outs was assembled by the lock and one of them closed the towpath side bottom gate for me. He then moved up to the top gate and sat on the end of the balance beam while I worked the paddles. It was only when the gate needed opening that I joined him there and got my first whiff – WOW that was the worst smell I’ve ever smelled and I’ve changed a nappy on a newborn. I left as soon as I could to attend to the lift bridge and to prevent me throwing up.

OldBldg We moored for the night almost below the road bridge at the end of Castle Quay. During the evening Brenda wanted to explore Banbury’s architecture and so I was dragged along for the exercise. The photo on the left shows the wonderful brickwork that now houses a restaurant. I wonder what it originally was? I did manage to persuade her that the inside of Weatherspoons was definitely worth an inspection and so it proved to be, they had an excellent ale called MarshMellow brewed by the Oxfordshire brewery at Marsh Gibbon. We returned to Jannock and had a very peaceful night.


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