Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In praise of Black Prince Holidays

As many may know, we purchased Jannock (nee Powys) direct from the fleet of Black Prince in 2000. One of the things that helped sell the boat to us was the promise of a years warranty (unusual on a second hand boat) which proved valid when they supplied us with a brand new starter motor when our old one failed at Bradford on Avon on the K&A in 2001. John Lucas (General Manager) prides himself with the support he provides to his ‘owners club’. In the past we have experienced this by obtaining new replacement mattresses for the single beds from him at cost price, over £60 per mattress cheaper than the best quote we had obtained from alternate suppliers. When I needed a quarter of a sheet of 19mm Hexaboard to replace the front seat they sold it to me for less than a quarter of the price I could have purchased a full sheet for. Last year we were given one weeks free secure mooring at Stoke Prior as we were travelling down to Worcester.

Jannock’s recently broken window (see Friday, April 22, 2011) is the latest example of service above and beyond expectation. I rang them to try and identify the manufacturer of said window so that I could find out how to replace the broken pane. I was told it was made by ChannelGlaze and that they still had some in stock at Stoke Prior. If I would like to go there and identify the correct size I could have a complete replacement window ready glazed. I visited and found the stock they had was the right size and when I asked how much they wanted for it, I was told ‘nothing – take it away’. I couldn’t do that so I gave them a contribution towards their Christmas party or whatever as I was so pleased to pick up a spare for an obsolete item.

So Hats Off to John Lucas and his team at Black Prince for yet another wonderful example of customer service.

Graham – a very happy ex-Black Prince boat owner


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