Monday, August 16, 2010

The sun came out today

Our timing was perfect as we set off, the locks set by a boat coming down but not taken by the boat that followed us closely. We met Will Chapman on Quiditch and had another 'bobbing about' chat. At Etruria we set off to find the Pakistani shop recommended by the Gecko crew. We found it and bought more snacks than we should, savoury and sweet. Note to Geckos :- we got Citric Acid there, no questions asked. Onto the Caldon, spotting lush blackberry bushes ready for jam making. As we approached Milton we saw an advertising hoarding for the Millrace pub "Home Cooked Food". Himself, in the hope of a beer, offered to treat me to supper. We entered a rather nice pub ( turn left if you don't want huge TV), ordered a rather nice pint and a menu. "We dont serve anything other than a hot pie or baps" was the response. We pointed out that the canalside notice said otherwise. "Gets the punters here" was the answer. Mine host did recommend the local Indian so we went there instead. Head South from the canal bridge, through most of the village and it's in the old bank premises at the traffic lights. (For chippie turn right at the lights) We had a super meal, the veg was fresh even in the curries, real indian deserts were available and we had to turn down the complementary drinks as we'd eaten so well. They do take-aways too! info at


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