Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quiz night at the Holly Bush

Tuesday 17th August

Well ...... last week, whilst at home, we had a text message from BW telling us that Jannock had been reported as showing an out of date mooring licence and how much money we needed to send to rectify the problem quick sharp. I rang the sender and explained that I only paid for a BW EOG mooring for the winter months when Jannock is at her mooring and spent the summer weekending around the system and not on my mooring. The BW person on the end of the phone found it very confusing as their computer did not specify my mooring as winter only. I suggested that as they had seen the boat on the Shropshire Union then it was unlikely to be a summer mooring either.

So ...... should we now ring her again and tell her that boat registration number 4000196 on the Caldon is showing an out of date licence (by 4 months now) and no mooring licence at all. It is after all one of theirs! (We know it doesn't need a mooring licence as it is a workboat - but fair's fair) The next one we passed, not 30 minutes later, was 'Not Displaying' at all.  Come on BW, you make the rules!

We thought we'd go as far as possible along the Leek branch, moor up and then enjoy the delights of Leek on the morrow (market day apparently). We went through the tunnel, winded and then found no free moorings, they were all occupied. Two hire boats were locked up and abandoned to we thought they might move on before too long but they was no-where to wait for their return. So, having abandoned all shopping plans, we returned towards the junction and moored for the night by the aqueduct so that I could get some work done on Jannock (repack stern tube, adjust neutral switch and radio aerial filter) when the hire boats cruised past - Bah Humbug!

After dinner we went for a walk and wandered into the Holly Bush for a drink where we ended up helping a local quiz team, well joining it really! Brain cells were lubricated by a delicious perry straight from the barrel and Theakston's Grouse Beater. After the quiz Hot Staffordshire Oatcakes stuffed with cheese were served, a very pleasant evening.


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