Thursday, July 15, 2010

No boating but 2 micro-GiGs

On Monday Brenda and I travelled to Woolhampton for an evening meet up with Bruce and Sheila (nb Sanity Again) in order to deliver some papers, enjoy a pint in the Rowbarge and inspect their new home. We had a great evening of chat and catch-up which ended with a cup of tea before we left for home and my early work start on Tuesday morning.


Wednesday we collected Matt and drove to Salford Best picture of the day. for son Simon's (pictured) second graduation at the Lowry centre. Pomp and ceremony over, we headed into town for a meal and then walked through Castlefields on our way to Knotts bar to top up the beer levels. We spotted nb Gecko moored in the basin with no-one aboard. I tried ringing Peter but no reply so left a note in the cratch and sent him a text. This was responded to and so he and Margaret (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed ;^) came and joined for a chat before heading back to Gecko after an evening on the town.


Back to boating on Saturday, our last before Matt uses her for a holiday with his mates.


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