Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost two weeks ago.

I've been so busy recently that I forgot to post the report for two weeks ago - Ooooops!

Saturday 17th July

It was raining when we arrived at Jannock and so we took our time preparing for the off and finally pulled the pins at 12:15. We immediately found ourselves 'piggy in the middle' in a three boat convoy until Cap'n Slow stopped at Gnosall. Brenda declared today to be 'National Peering into Windows Day'. A young girl passenger on a southbound dayboat exclaimed "They've got beds in their boat - it's not fair because we haven't" as they passed. We continued onto Norbury wharf where we stopped for diesel (59.9ppl plus tax at whatever rate you want to declare), a pumpout and a waterfill during which another gongoozler inspected inside every window from stern to bow exclaiming "this boat is just like a small house, it's even got a kitchen".  That is the problem with large windows on a narrowboat which I'm sure porthole owners do not suffer from. The BW service block at Norbury is excellent with ironing board, shower, loos and a bookswap.  We then continued on to Bridge 42 at High Offley so that we could pay our first ever visit to the Anchor where we spent an enjoyable evening with the locals which involved stories and songs, mostly about the Anchor and themselves.

Sunday 18th July.

We continued North out into the countryside, across Shebdon embankment until we found a suitable 14 day mooring where we pegged in and I then went to collect the car. Brenda had done a meal which we ate on my return before loading all of our stuff into the car ready for the homeward journey.

No. 2 son, Matt, and his crew will be using Jannock for the first week of August when they intend to travel up to Barbridge, across to Middlewich and then head South down the Trent and Mersey. Say Hello if you come across them and let me know if they're not behaving themselves. Also keep your biscuits hidden ;^)


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