Friday, November 03, 2023

At last–Powys is sold

On Saturday 28th October, Powys was purchased by a couple who already live on a smaller boat on a London mooring.

The sale has been a long protracted affair due to hull and rudder work being needed to be done after initial purchasers survey report.  They then pulled out of the sale at the beginning of September when the work, delayed by illness, was almost completed.

On Sunday 29th October Graham went up to Rugby boats and did a hand-over to the new owners before they sailed off in a Southerly direction just after 1pm. I hope they enjoy her as much as we have.



Today, Powys was spotted by our friend Debbi who moors at Bourne End moorings, passing down through the top lock towards Winkwell.

Farewell Powys.


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Jennie said...

Onwards and upwards, Brenda and Graham. Chris and I know how you are feeling - very mixed I am sure. We, however, are still certain we made the right decision when we sold Tentatrice, now Rhuma Kita.