Thursday, July 23, 2020

Two flights of locks and a tunnel.

Thursday 23rd July 2020
Today we hit two flights of locks with the good fortune of sharing them with two pleasant and expert crews. The first was Braunston flight which we sahred with a couple of Kiwi's who had got many miles of canals beneath their boat. 
The second were a family of first time hirers with who we shared Buckby flight. The young lad steerer had gained a lot of skill in his short experience. Brenda suggested that he had a go at entering and leaving locks together. Reluctantly he agreed and then proceeded to do it very well. It made life a lot easier for the crews of both boats. One of the pounds was very low and not having the confidence to remain close to Jannock, he started going aground. Brenda explained how fewer revs, or even reverse would solve the problem. He had a go and was off almost immediately. They had enjoyed their holiday and were taking the boat back to the hire base. There was a box of 'free stuff' outside one of the lock cottages so Mumhad a good rummage and came back with all sorts of stuff for Gran, Grandad and daughter.
Cap'n Jannock fitted a new LED tunnel light during the enforced rest - marks out of 10 = 10. What a difference! It's so much easier when you can see both sides and the roof, but not dazzle on coming craft. As we were shutting up for the night we noticed lots of bats skimming for insects so we watched them until there was no light left to see them by.
Overnight mooring 'wolf.minimums.each' and today's video is at

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