Friday, August 09, 2019

A whole day in Birmingham

GasStHaving taken account of the weather forecast and engineering dept’s needs we decided to stay put and walk into ‘town’ to visit the markets. Graham got the switch he needed as well as a spare hi-viz waistcoat for motorcycling. Onto food - £4.50p purchased two large punnets of strawberries, three small mangoes, two avacados, four giant apples and two pears.IMG_4320

The cheese stall sold us chilli-cheddar – a huge lump for £1 and a similar lump of apricot Wensleydale for the same price. So far so good – then I spotted pale green cheese with brown bits in it. It seems that mint-choc-chip stilton exists. Eeee-BrumRoadworksyew. Did I want to try a bit? No! Of course I did and . . . . . of course I bought some.

Lunch started as a sit down cuppa but we added roast pork/roast beef sarnies with all the trimmings – door stops plus two teas and change from a tenner. Then back to the boat so Graham could do jobs.BrumWater1

I went for a walk through Symphony hall to Paradise square to find the area one big building site. They do have pountains that the children were enjoying playing in and the Town hall was covered in scaffolding and plastic sheeting.


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