Monday, April 22, 2019

That Deja Vu feeling

Monday 22nd April 2019

Glory be – sunshine and warmth all over Easter which is so unusual for a Bank Holiday.
I had a couple of last minute jobs to do as well as filling the water tank, doing a pumpout and depositing all the ‘not wanted on voyage’ stuff in the car.

After a couple of hours I noticed that the pipes from the engine feeding the lower coil on the calorifier didn't seem to be getting hot. I tried disconnecting them at the tank end and there was water there so I decided there must be a one-way valve in the bottom of the coil so we pulled over and I swapped the two pipes over. After that the feed pipe started to get warm but still
did not heat up the water enough. There was an unusual duck adjacent to Charity Dock - looks like a black Indian Runner duck as it's stood upright. It would appear that Jemima Puddleduck was also an Indian Runner duck.

We continued on, through Hawkesbury junction and up the Coventry canal to Springwood where we moored for the night. I tried bleeding any air out of the pipes but there is something wrong with the engine circuit. The Alde circuit works well and so we heated the water up with that so Brenda could have a shower this evening.

This evening’s mooring is accompanied by lots of bird song, one of Brenda’s favourite sounds.

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