Saturday, October 05, 2013

Penultimate cruising day 2013

Saturday 5th October

Up and at-em at 9am but no-one to share Soulbury 3 with. Never mind,wonderful weather for October they were all in our favour and folk turned up to come down, as it were, at the top lock. Another day of super weather, especially as in the past we have risen from our bunks on October mornings in these parts to find frost on the ropes. This year’s weather has provided an abundance of picking blackberries from a lock beam.fruits to be foraged. Twice Graham set a lock to fill slowly to allow us time to pick fruit. Blackberries, again, and a fab haul of plums. Jam will be made.

Today we actually avoided what looked like becoming an inevitable crump. As we rounded a blind corner nb Cat’s Whisker came steaming round the other way, on the wrong side, heading straight for us. Much manoeuvring by both of us put a gap of, well,the haul a cat’s whisker between us and their new paintwork remained un-touched. We were told that they were newbies and so we must praise the steerer for the avoiding action he took which complemented our own.

At Marsworth we found ourselves moored under a plum tree and so the short boat hook was put into service to bring down some of the high fruit  much to the delight of the small boy who caught them & he was going to present them to hid nanna.

Chicken korma and keema paratha for supper and then onto the Red Lion for a beer.


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