Monday, July 09, 2012

The Jannocks become Cultural Olympians …..

… and have a good laugh at the same time. Whilst we were on the Jubilee pub-crawl Tim Fitzhigham introducing Phil Nichol around Manchester in early June, Brenda picked up an program of Olympic cultural events and we spotted the existence of Pleasance Ahoy which is a narrowboat wending it’s way from London to the Edinburgh festival travelling by the canals and rivers.

PleasanceAhoy6 Tonight we went to the Boat House at Wallingford and enjoyed an excellent evening of comedy even if the event was not very well attended. This shortage of audience may be due to a lack of local publicity or the fact the the Olympic torch is due through Wallingford at sparrow’s fart tomorrow morning, I’m not sure.

We were entertained tonight by Phil Nicol,  Simon Feilder, Lloyd Langford, compared by Tim Fitzhigham, who told us about his exploits rowing a bath across the channel, and Nichola Redman performed a great last act with a song about Goring ;^)  Their website at gives all the details of forthcoming gigs and we thoroughly recommend it for a good evening out. The tickets are free but if you obtain them online, in order to ensure you  can get in if it’s busy, there is only a very small booking fee to pay. Our two advance tickets for tonight were totally un-necessary due to the shortage of audience, but only cost £1.90p anyway.PleasanceAhoy1

Go along and support them when they come close to you, it was a brilliant evening and because the weather held off, they even   moved the show outside and used the roof of their 69foot Black Prince hireboat as a stage. Lloyd Langford reckoned it’s the first time he’s ever been heckled by wildfoul!


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